Shoaib Khan Khattak
August 9, 2023

Your Guide to 10 Best Autoresponders for Affiliate Marketing

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In the backdrop of the contemporary digital marketing landscape, various practices have emerged to the surface as a way to make money using online platforms. Affiliate Marketing tops this list and has become a highly renowned method of earning money online. Most beginners or noobs are often seen featuring affiliated products and/or services by writing blog posts on type-media like Medium, Quora, etc or by promoting at social media handles. Nonetheless, email marketing remains to be the best tool for increased lead generation, greater conversions and ultimately a higher ROI.

It’s quite convenient to find automatic email servicing providers for your e-commerce store or any other service for that sake. However, Affiliate Marketers are often challenged with the nuisance of spotting autoresponders that are actually responsive.

Chances are that at some point you must have or are currently availing services of some famous email service providers for your affiliate marketing needs in order to reach out to your prospective customers. But it is even more likely you are well set on your way to getting banned from that email service platform.

But don’t worry!! We got your back.

This blog serves as your guide to 10 best autoresponders for affiliate marketing to select from without having to worry about getting banned and finding yourself lost in the dark. We’ll discuss each autoresponder option in detail. Moreover, in the end, we’ve compiled a few email marketing services that should serve as a nightmare for you to use to meet your affiliate marketing needs.

Before we jump into the details of the best autoresponders for affiliate marketing, lets take a quick glance at the…

List of Best Autoresponders for Affiliate Marketing

  1. GetResponse ; High deliverability index
  2. ConvertKit ; Dedicated email service for affiliate marketing
  3. Aweber ; High inboxing index
  4. EmailOctopus ; Good but an underrated tool
  5. ActiveCampaign ; Reliable automation features
  6. SendX ; Supportive affiliate autoresponder
  7. KartraMail ; Complete package for affiliate marketing
  8. SendLane ; Works best for affiliate ecommerce industry
  9. MailerCloud ; Newest in the autoresponder niche
  10. Drip ; Works best for affiliate ecommerce industry

Run-through of Best Email Autoresponders for Affiliate Marketing

AutoresponderAffiliate FriendlinessFree Trial/PlanPricing
GetResponseHigh Forever freeStarts at $15/month
ConvertKitLowForever freeStarts at $29/month
AWeberHighForever freeStarts at $19.9/month
EmailOctopusHighForever freeStarts at $24/month
ActiveCampaignHigh14 Days Free TrialStarts at $29/month
SendXHigh14 Days Free TrialStarts at $9.99/month
($1 for 14 days trial)
Starts at $99/month
SendlaneMedium14 Days free trialStarts at $99/month
MailerCloudHigh Forever freeStarts at $10/month
DripMedium14 Days free trialStarts at $19/month
Reference: Digital Marketing Tipsy

Now before further ado, let’s get to the details of these best autoresponders for affiliate marketing.

1. GetResponse

GetResponse stands atop the list of best autoresponders for affiliate marketing. The functioning of GetResponse can simply take you aback. It not only offers all those features that other leading autoresponders do but also fills the gap left by others in a remarkable way.

Best Autoresponders for Affiliate Marketing

GetResponse suffices for your affiliate marketing needs under one complete suite. It enables you to direct targeted emails based on the users’ activity.

Moreover, you can conveniently wield its automated email campaigns and perform split tests easily. Besides, it also enables you to maintain active communication with people visiting your site. You can also make use of its platform that lets you host webinars, operate dedicated CRM, and wide array of automation tools.

The provision of analytics and reports of users’ activity is the most appreciated feature of GetResponse but we still haven’t addressed why it tops the list of best autoresponders for affiliate marketing.

Benefits of Using GetResponse:

  • Offers a user-friendly email editor with a simple drag-and-drop function
  • Offers Web Hosting Platform
  • Offers delicate categorization of your emails
  • Convenient and feasible pricing plans
  • Offers split testing to users’ advantage
  • Offers its integrated CRM
  • Offers remarkable customer support

Drawbacks of using GetResponse:

  • Optimum utility requires sensitive use
  • Doesn’t offer a mobile support system
  • Pricing plans are not suitable for small businesses


Getreponse offers two plans-free and premium.

Free Plan

You get 500 free recipient subscriptions under this plan with unlimited emails.

Premium Plan

You can avail premium plan starting from $15 with a one month free trial.

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2. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is a dedicated creator marketing platform used largely by content creators and writers for sufficing their email marketing needs. After its recent development, ConvertKit has enabled itself to stand among the list of best autoresponders for affiliate marketing.

ConvertKit is a one-stop solution for all your affiliate needs. It excels in creating listicles, generating automated email campaigns, delicate categorization of emails as well as monitoring and tracking the users’ experience on your site.

Unlike many other so-called best autoresponders for affiliate marketing solutions, ConvertKit allows you to resend an email if it has remained unnoticed by the customer during a certain time set prior. This feature can alone assist you to immensely enhance your Click Through Rate (CTR) and eventually your ROI. ISN’T THAT A DREAM COME TRUE?

Let’s get an overview of how what makes ConvertKit in the list of best autoresponders for affiliate marketing and whatnot!

Benefits of Using ConvertKit:

  • Offers reasonable email delivery index
  • Offers a user-friendly interface
  • Provides email analytics
  • Offers categorization of emails
  • Offers unlimited emails
  • Offers ordered emails

Drawbacks of Using ConvertKit:

  • Inadequate data offered in analytics
  • Inadequate A/B testing choices
  • Offers limited customization of emails


ConvertKit owes its standing among the best autoresponders for affiliate marketing primarily due to its convenient free plan. However, it also offers a premium plan.

Free Plan:

You can avail up to 1000 free recipient subscriptions under its free plan.

Premium Plan:

You can access its premium membership starting from $29 with a free trial of 14 days.

3. Aweber

Aweber is one of the oldest among the best autoresponders for affiliate marketing. In the capacity of a senior competitor in the affiliate niche, Aweber satisfies countless customers every day, landing in their inboxes and making conversions.

The unique standing of Aweber among the best autoresponders for affiliate marketing owes its existence to its innovative solutions and user-convenient operating system. This is why Aweber continues to hold the largest shares in the affiliate marketing industry.

With Aweber, you can create customer follow-up plans quite conveniently by making use of its drag-and-drop feature. Moreover, you can also wield its versatile functionality including but not limited to the mobile app, opt-in forms, segmentation, and easy export & import of data. Last but not least, the detailed reports and analytics provided by Aweber offer great insights that can largely help you in increasing your conversion rates.

Benefits of Using Aweber:

  • Offers a user-friendly interface
  • Offers a wide variety of email templates
  • Offers analytical insights
  • Feasible pricing plans
  • Offers remarkable customer support
  • Supported mobile application

Drawbacks of Using Aweber:

  • Deficient in fancy email templates
  • Deficient in RSS features


Just like other best autoresponders for affiliate marketing, Aweber also offers free and premium plans.

Free Plan:

You can avail free membership to get up to 500 subscriptions and 3000 emails per month.


Get access to Aweber’s premium membership starting from $19.99 a month. You initially get to deal with 500 subscribers and later the fee changes as a function of the number of subscribers.

4. EmailOctopus

EmailOctopus is regarded as an underrated tool for affiliate marketing. However, the fact is that it is one of the best autoresponders for affiliate marketing owing to its convenient budgetary plans. Although, many marketing channels are often seen to be quite unacceptable when it comes to affiliate marketing. But that is not the case with EmailOctopus. It welcomes all its affiliates.

The most notable feature of EmailOctopus is its drag and drop feature which can be used conveniently by the users. This means that not only can you use its pre-made email templates but you can also make your own customized templates to cater your needs. By wielding these personalization options, you can greatly enhance your conversion rates and improve your ROI.

Benefits of Using EmailOctopus:

  • Offers profound email templates ready to use
  • Free lifetime subscription plan
  • Supports emails via Amazon SES
  • User friendly interface
  • Fosters affiliate marketers

Drawback of using EmailOctopus:

  • Inadequate segmentation features
  • Low email delivery index


The budgetary plans of EmailOctopus is one of the sole reasons to make its existence among the best autoresponders for affiliate marketing strategies. It also offers two plans.

Free Plan:

With the free plan, you get to send upto 10k emails per month to a recipient list of 2500 people.

Premium Plan:

The premium plan starts at $24/month. Using this plan, you can send 50k emails to a recipient list of 5000 people.

5. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign rightly deserves to stand among the list of best autoresponders for affiliate marketing for quite fair reasons. Its automation functionalities will blow your mind. You might not want to look any further if you are in need of some reliable email marketing automation tool to suffice for your email marketing needs.

ActiveCampaign enables you to design and create several different types of email templates for your varied needs from basic outreach emails to client customized emails, and A/B testing. Moreover, ActiveCampaign also comes with an in-built CRM that can be well used to maintain active communication with the clients. It can not only help to boost integrity but also to generate more sales leads.

ActiveCampaign also provides detailed reports and analytics that assist in crafting your affiliate marketing strategy in a robust way.

Benefits of Using ActiveCampaign:

  • Remarkable automation features
  • Offers analytical insights
  • High email delivery index
  • Offers numerous integrations

Drawbacks of using ActiveCampaign:

  • Absence of free plan
  • Optimum utility of automation can become tricky


Although there is no free subscription of ActiveCampaign, you can make use of its 14-day free trial of its premium membership. The premium membership starts from $29 which is billed either monthly or annually.

6. SendX

SendX has also successfully made it to the ranks of best autoresponders for affiliate marketing owing to its fostering approach towards affiliate marketers. It assists you in crafting a seamless email marketing strategy for your affiliate needs.

SendX offers a substantially high email delivery index. They are too bold to even mention on their website that they are never going to ban affiliate marketers and thus are welcome. With SendX, you can easily work on your email marketing strategies by enhancing your email databases.

Moreover, SendX exclusively enables you to resend all those emails that are left unopened with a different tag line. This can effectively help you to increase your conversion ratio (CR) and click through rate (CTR).           

Benefits of Using SendX:

  • User friendly interface
  • High email delivery index
  • Exclusive live customer support 24/7
  • Wide array of customized email templates

Drawbacks of Using SendX:

  • Not suitable for small businesses
  • Inadequate automation for more complex sequences
  • Limited features available


Unfortunately, there is no free ride for SendX. It has only paid membership that starts from $7.49 billed monthly.

7. KartraMail

KartraMail is one of the most well orchestrated and best autoresponders for affiliate marketing demands and requirements. To put it precisely, KartraMail is basically a marketing and project management tool offering several different modules as a package.

Like other few best autoresponders for affiliate marketing, KartraMail also enables you to design and craft customized email templates according to your needs and requirements. Moreover, it also comes with a provision of remarkable automation tools to boost your engagement.

A distinct feature of KartraMail is that it lets you wield almost all other kartra services to your advantage. This effectively means that you get to make your affiliate marketing emails inclusive of styled text blocks, clients’ success stories, thumbnails and much much more.

Benefits of Using KartraMail:

  • Offers a complete suite for affiliates
  • Offers several different modules for marketing strategy
  • Assists in dealing with sales funnel management
  • Instant customer support

Drawbacks of Using kartraMail:

  • Does not offer segmented email marketing tool-complete suite must be availed to use its services
  • Rather an expensive choice for email marketing
  • Absence of free plan
  • Absence of free trial period


As mentioned above in the drawbacks, there is no free plan offered by KartraMail. However, you can access a free trial of 2 weeks for $1. The paid membership has been classified into 4 categories namely Starter, Silver, Gold, and platinum starting from $99 each month.

8. SendLane

Among the list of best autoresponders for affiliate marketing, SendLane is primarily a software dedicated to email marketing of e-commerce platforms. It goes to the credit of SendLane that it has already out performed many ecommerce competitors and aims to grow rigorously.

SendLane offers quite a substantial email delivery index. Moreover, it is also well equipped with automation features to make your email marketing job a seamless process.

So if you handle an ecommerce business / website and looking to generating leads and conversion via email marketing campaigns, SendLane is the right choice for you to choose from the best autoresponders for affiliate marketing.

Benefits of Using SendLane:

  • In built automation tools
  • Dedicated ecommerce marketing tool for affiliates
  • Offers a wide array of customizable email marketing templates
  • Offers detailed analytical reports and analytics

Drawbacks of Using SendLane:

  • Rather a costly choice
  • Works good only for affiliates on ecommerce platforms
  • Limited features offered in comparison to other options
  • Not recommended for new businesses
  • No free plan available


Unfortunately, SendLane has no such thing as Free Plan. Nonetheless, you can still avail a 2 weeks trial version that can be used for up to 100 subscriptions. The paid version, namely, “Growth” plan starts with $83 per month for managing up to 5000 subscriptions.

9. MailerCloud

MailerCloud is rather a new name in the marketing niche but it goes to its benefit that it now ranks among the best autoresponder for affiliate marketing. Regardless of its novelty, MailerCloud has equipped and made itself capable of sufficing all the major requirements of affiliate marketers.

The distinguishing aspect of MailerCloud is that it affirms to keep its tool simple and basic for the convenience of its users. Yet, it enables you to generate customized email templates by importing your HTML codes using its simple to use drag and drop feature.

Additionally, you can easily make use of its email classification and sequencing functionality for a better affiliate approach. It also supports email automation which again assists you to outreach your customers proactively and increase your ROI. Last but not least, the A/B testing feature at MailerCloud can be used largely to craft a comprehensive email campaign that can actually increase your click through rate.

Benefits of Using MailerCloud:

  • User friendly layout
  • Supports import of HTML codes for personalization
  • Offers A/B testing
  • Offers dedicated IP addresses
  • Supports scheduled emails as a function of different time zones
  • Provision of free plan

Drawbacks of Using MailerCloud:

  • Rather a novel autoresponder in the affiliates industry
  • Delivery rates can get compromised at times


Most of the features of MailerCloud can be availed by using its free lifetime plan by affiliates to direct up to 12k emails to a recipient list of 1k per month. Premium MailerCloud starts from $10 billed monthly

10. Drip

Just like SendLane, Drip was initially designed only to work for ecommerce email marketing platforms. However, Drip expanded over time and now proudly lists itself among the best autoresponders for affiliate marketing globally. It serves as a top choice for people who are interested in promoting their featured products on their affiliate website.

Drip can largely help you in crafting your customized email marketing campaigns. Its advanced features further provide pillars for you to enhance your affiliate marketing strategy. These include but are not limited to efficient segmentation of subscribers as function of different parameters, interactive email templates, dedicated email builder, and automation to increase your sales funnel.

The most distinct feature of Drip that helps it to stand among the best autoresponders for affiliate marketing is what we like to call The Art of Remarketing. In the capacity of your autoresponder, Drip enables you direct automated follow up email campaigns based on the journey of each visitor.

Benefits of using Drip:

  • Dedicated ecommerce marketing tool for affiliates
  • High email delivery index
  • Offers unlimited emails
  • Catchy templates and designs for affiliates
  • Appealing opt-in form templates
  • Offers detailed analytical insights
  • Subjective and automated follow up email campaigns

Drawbacks of Using Drip:

  • Works good majorly for affiliates on ecommerce platforms
  • Absence of free plan
  • Rather an expensive choice
  • Unappealing layout

Conclusive Remarks:

If you are serious about making money through affiliate marketing, then you need to have an autoresponder. An autoresponder will automate your follow up email campaign so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. In this article, we have provided a guide to the 10 best autoresponders for affiliate marketing. We hope that this guide will help you choose the right autoresponder for your business so that you can start seeing results quickly. If you have any questions or need help getting started, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to assist you.

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